* SATURDAY, 22.09.2012 | DOM OMLADINE | Ul. Đure Daničića 1, Banja Luka

18:00 * Public Reading (Kantina)

Once we were lovers / Bili smo jednom voljeni (Kristina Posilović, Rijeka)                          Tito and taxidermy / Tito i taksidermija (Ajla Terzić, Sarajevo)                                            Tito was not here / Tito ovdje nije bio (Danka Sekulović, Belgrade)

20:07 * Performance TITO WAS NOT HERE | TITO NIJE BIO OVDJE (amphitheater) in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Albanian and Macedonian

Based on texts by Sandra Lalić-Zupur (Brčko) »Tito wasn’t here«, Vesa Qena (Prishtina) »To hell with Tito«, Ajla Terzić (Sarajevo) »Tito and the taxidermy« and Maja Vaseva (Skopje) »After Tito«

Directed by Goran Damjanac (Nevid Teatar) and Hana Qena (Prishtina)

With Dejan Andrić and Marko Dukić (Nevid Teatar), Sanja Ruseska (Kumanovo), Arta Selimi (Prishtina) and Ana Stojkova (Skopje)

21:30 * Discussion with the Performing Artists of TITO WAS NOT HERE (amphitheater)

Afterwards: Closing party of the theatre festival BINA MIRA (hall and kantina)

* SUNDAY, 23.09.2012 | DOM OMLADINE | Ul. Đure Daničića 1, Banja Luka

18.00 * Panel: TITO WHO? The Narrative of Tito and Yugoslavia in Contemporary Arts (kantina)

Moderated by Gjoko Zdraveski (writer | lecturer, Belgrade/Niš/Skopje)

Guests: Danka Sekulović (Belgrade), Kristina Posilović (Rijeka),  Maja Vaseva (Skopje), Sandra Lalić Zupur (Sarajevo) and Vesa Qena (Prishtina)

Artists act on the borderline between the public and the private – as witnesses of political and social transformations and their individual experiences. How can contemporary artists perform memories of the era of Tito and Yugoslavia? How do they create a narrative of this person and his country? As intellectuals, their literary explorations contribute by chance or on purpose to a culture of remembering and express to some extend their age of origin. The panel makes the attempt to discuss the way young artists – who grew up when Tito was not here and Yugoslavia was already collapsing – contribute to a provocative narrative of Tito and Yugoslavia and to a different post-transformative recollection. Do their works really differ from older ones, do they represent the policies of remembering of the regions where they come from and how do they play with the mechanisms of remembering: Absurd romantization or plain amnesia, catching the reality or adapting taboos?

20:07 * Performance TITO WAS NOT HERE | TITO NIJE BIO OVDJE (amphitheater)

21:30 * Aftershow Party TITO’S IN THE HOUSE | TITO JE STIGAO (kantina)

September 24 and 25, 2012 in Skopje / Macedonia


* A platform for exchange and an opportunity for the founding of an association of independent theaters in Macedonia

The debate about the independent theater in Macedonia and in the region aims at gathering all the participants of the independent theater scene in Macedonia. The debate will be attended by representatives of independent theater companies and theaters from Prishtina, Banja Luka and Sofia. Besides the short presentations of these local backgrounds, there will be a lecture by Alexander Opitz, president of the Association of Independent Theaters in Baden-Württemberg (Germany) and member of the Presidency of the Association of Independent Theaters of Germany. The lecture will be followed by a workshop with the representatives in order to discuss the possibilities of founding such an association in Macedonia and also in the region. The results are expected to be discussed with and in presence of representatives from the Macedonian Ministry of Culture as well as with representatives from theater institutions in Macedonia.

Alexander Opitz was born in 1960 in Karlsruhe. He has studied theater studies, new German history and new German literature since 1981. Till 1991, besides studies, he worked as an actor, director’s assistant and dramaturge at the Schlossfestspiele, Ettlingen and at the Burgfestspiele, Jagsthausen. During that time he also worked together with the manager of the Schlossfestspiele, Ettlingen, the actor Kurt Müller-Graf and the directors Boleslav Barlog and Professor Karl-Heinz Stroux. From 1992 to 1994, he was the program manager of Bergtheater Thale in Sachsen-Anhalt which is the oldest open-air theater in Germany. From 1995 to 2001 he worked as an independent actor (Tatort, Die Fallers, etc.). He is the president of the Association of Independent Theaters in Baden-Württemberg and member of the Presidency of the Association of Independent Theaters of Germany since 2002.


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