Ajla Terzić

Ajla Terzić holds a MA in English language and literature. She received several awards for her short stories and published her essays from Franciscan magazines to Playboy. Travnik-born, her columns and articles appear in news magazines such as Oslobodjenje (Sarajevo) and Vreme weekly (Belgrade). Active in regional media and in the literary scene, she is author of critical reviews and polemics (she wrote her BA thesis about the polemic between J.Brodsky and M.Kundera on Dostoyevsky). Academic and translator, Ajla Terzić is currently involved in psychotherapy training. Her works include poetry “Kako teško pišem” (Omnibus, Sarajevo, 2004) and novels, “Lutrija” (VBZ, Zagreb, 2009) and “Mogla je biti prosta priča” (Rende, Belgrade, 2011;Sandorf, Zagreb, 2011). She remains a great admirer of Christopher Hitchens, David Sedaris and popular culture.

Danka Sekulović

Danka Sekulović was born 1985 as a middle child in Belgrade. She finished her dramaturgy studies in Belgrade, and applied for a master in Austria. After she got accepted, the master studies were canceled due to unpredictable reasons. After she started working on a play as an assistant in Atelje 212, the play was canceled just before the premiere due to unpredictable reasons. Her next big accomplishment was really lame but it has not been canceled, so she was really happy for it. After that she worked on few plays in different Belgrade theatres, as assistant or as dramaturg. Her last two projects were the plays “Kuku Todore” and “Me and You”. Both played in Belgrade, first in Bajkamela theatre and second in Bitef theatre.

Kristina Posilović

Kristina Posilović was born in 1982 in Rijeka. She studied Croatian Language and Literature at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Rijeka. After graduation, she enrolled in the doctoral studies of literature, culture, theatrology and film at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Zagreb. Now, she works at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Rijeka as a lecturer. She organized postgraduate conference Feminist Dialogs in 2011 (Rijeka), and is a member of Croatian Writers Society. She had presentation of her first conceptual project Introspection: Who am I? in Slovenia on the 12. International feminist festival Red Dawns (2011). She has published four books of poetry: “Agara” (2005), “pHI Odessa” (2006), “Barcelona” (2009), “Canto azzurro” (2012.). This year she won a literary residence in Graz (Austria) for her last book of poetry.

Maja Vaseva

Maja Vaseva was born in 1987 in Skopje, Macedonia. She currently studies at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Faculty of Philology, department General and comparative literature in Skopje. She has published poetry and prose in several online magazines and websites in Macedonia. She was also a participant in few open competitions for young writers and has won a second place in a competition initiated by the online magazine writing under a pseudonym. At the moment, together with few colleagues, she is part of a blog for creative writing named Hopscotch ( and in the same time works as a journalist for the online newspaper Plusinfo.

Sandra Lalić-Zupur

Sandra Lalić-Zupur was born in 1977 in Sarajevo, BiH. She spent her childhood in Sarajevo, where she finished Elementary and Secondary school. After the war, in 1995, she moved to Pale where she started  studying on the Faculty of Philosophy. She gained a diploma of Serbian language and literature in 2003, and the same year she started working as professor of Serbian language and literature in High school in Brcko, where she stayed and started a family. She merged her love towards children and books into one: her profession through which she tries to model young minds in a healthy and positive way.

Vesa Qena

Vesa Qena was born in 1991 in Mitrovica, Kosovo. She finished the gymnasium in Pristina, and she currently studies at the University of Pristina, Faculty of Dramatic Arts. Since 2010 she’s been working for SKENA UP FESTIVAL, coordinating different workshops and lectures. In 2010 she took part in ITs festival (in the young critics programme) in Amsterdam, where she attended several drama workshops which led her to a better artistic development. In 2011 she collaborated with Multimedia Center as an assistant of Jeton Neziraj in a script for Josip Broz Tito. In June 2012 she wrote a drama for Multimedia Center. The project was funded by European Commision, the text developed into a theatre performance which will be traveling around Kosovo and Europe.


Ana Stojkova

Ana Stojkova was born in 1987 in Skopje. She studied at the University of Audiovisual Arts ,,ESRA”, module Acting in Skopje, Macedonia. She played in several plays at the theaters “Drama theater“, “Youth Cultural Center” and “Macedonian National Theater” in Skopje. She acted on plays from two very good-known Macedonian directors Dejan Projkovski on “R”, and Gjorgi Jolevski on “Play”. She acted also on the play “Vladimir i Kosara”, a coproduction with Montenegro Bar, directed by Slobodan Milatovik. The most important for her as a young actress is the ability to explore different shapes and forms of acting, to communicate with people from different nationalities, to experiment, to create, to share experiences.

Arta Selimi

Arta Selimi studied Arts in Acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Pristina and graduated in 2006. She played on different stage plays at the National theater of Kosovo, Dodona Theater and Theater of Prizren. She achieved great success with the plays “Little School of Memories-Cabaret for Nostalgic”, “Excellence”, “Boeing Boeing”. She is now playing in the Oda Theater in Pristina, on the play “Three Fat Germans II”, a play that enjoys wide viewership among Kosovo and regional audience. She worked also on different projects for Film and Television, the most of them for Radio Television of Kosovo.

Dejan Andrić

Born 1982 in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, he graduated acting in the class of Professor Nenad Bojić, 2009 (graduate work – ARTAUD FOOL) in the Academy of Arts Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He played in documentaries, feature films and on radio. Master of ceremonies and performer of music, dance, folk events and concerts. For twelve years he is exploring the field of non-verbal theater. At the XVI International theater festival DADRAS which was organized in Subotica, Serbia (2011), won the award for best male acting achievement for “Artaud Foll” and “Praise of Folly”. Currently he is engaged in filming on the “Black Sheep” (Leader), a show about urban culture, Production: Villa Hills Consulting – Sarajevo for Radio and Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Projects: In NEVID TEATAR, Banja Luka: “MIGHTY B AGAINST BLANKETRABER” (actor), screenplay and directed by Aleksandar Ilić; “CASES” inspired by Daniil Kharms (performer), directed by Aleksandar Ilić; “THE PRAISE OF FOLLY” (performer), dramaturge and directed by Goran Damjanac; “THE RISE AND FALL STONE OF CAMUS” (author and performer), author and directed by Aleksandar Ilić; “ARTAUD FOOL” (author’s project); “APPLE” (performer/ Politician, Apparatchik, Junkie, Actor, Boy), author and directed by Goran Damjanac;  played in “THE BROTHERS” (Ismael), directed by Andrea Paciotto (Italy), and co-produced by LaMaMa etc. NYC – USA, Offucina eclectic arts, Spoleto – Italy, City Theatre Jazavac, Banja Luka; In ACADEMY OF ARTS, Banja Luka: “AVANT-GARDE PICTURE BOOK ” (Monk, Cleaner, Homeless), directed by Nenad Bojić; “THREE SISTERS” (Veršinjin), A. P. Chekhov, directed by Nenad Bojić; In National Theatre of the Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka, “OMERPASHA LATAS” (Pasha), Ivo Andrić, the author’s project: Nebojsa Dugalić,” MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN “(The soldier with a bandage), directed by Mira Erceg,” ROMEO AND JULIET “(Samson), directed by Dušan Petrović, “MRS. MINISTER” (Police constable), directed by Milica Kralj; “HAMLET” (Lucian – the transformation from man to dog), directed by Nenad Gvozdenović, Too good, Banja Luka; “JABLAN” (THE BOY), directed by Nenad Bojić, Children’s Theater of the Republic of Srpska. He is one of the founders of Nevid Teatar Banja Luka. In Nevid Teatar, he performs as actor, producer and PR.

Goran Damjanac

Born 1976 in Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He graduated theatre direction 2009, in the Academy of Arts Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. At present, he is a student of Master studies in Theatre direction, Faculty of Drama, “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje, Macedonia. He directed: «PEKIC’S TAPE: DIARY OF SOUL» according to MG tapes of Borislav Pekić, Ad Hoc theatre Brcko and UDUS Banjaluka; «HANIBAL OF THE UNDERGROUND» Hristo Boychev, Cabaret Theatre Tuzla; «TOTH FAMILY» Istvan Erkeny, Cabaret Theatre Tuzla; «PRAISE OF FOLLY» Erasmus of Rotterdam, Nevid teatar Banjaluka; «YOU ARE LOOSING YOUR GRIP, YOUR HIGHNESS» Mirko Kovač, SARTR Theatre Sarajevo (at 22nd  Meetings Theatre Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brčko won: Jury Award for the Best Overall Award, Best Actor, Best Director Award, Audience Jury Award for Best Play); «ĆORKAN», Radio-drama according to prose of Ivo Andrić; BH Radio 1; «THE APPLE», Goran Damjanac, Nevid teatar Banja Luka; «SMOG, OUT!» Goran Damjanac and Group of authors, Bosnian National Theatre Zenica; «BIG, STRONG AND HANDSOME» Muza Pavlova/ Terrence McNally, National Theatre of  the Republic of Srpska Banja Luka. He is one of the founders of Nevid Teatar Banja Luka. In Nevid Teatar, he performs as director, dramaturge and producer.

Hana Qena

Hana Qena was born in 1988 in Pristina. She studies theatre directing at the Faculty of Arts Pristina. She participated with a short performance in a festival in Melkweg – Amsterdam, organized by young Dutch artists. She participated also in two theatre festivals Act Festival – Bilbao and ITs Festival in Amsterdamwith her play “_ _ _” in the competition program. Her next project was “Coronation”, a street performance in the center of Pristina, dedicated to women killed by her husband – an artistic protest in cooperation with Kosovo Women’s Network. From January until May 2012 she directed the comedy “A midsummer night’s dream” as part of Dodona theatre in Pristina. In June 2012 directed the play “They will come” as part of the children festival “Play for All” and was sponsored by EU commission in Kosovo. The play will travel around Kosovo and Europe.

Marko Dukić

Born 1981 in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was professor of sports and physical education and ex-ballroom dancer. As well working as graphic, web and video designer. He is the establisher and member of the managing board at the dancing studio „City Jazz“ Banja Luka. Here he is especially in charge for marketing promotion and graphical design. He also worked as dance trainer. Projects involved: “MIGHTY B AGAINST BLANKETRABER” (screenplay, editing, animation and design), screenplay and directed by Aleksandar Ilić; “CASES” inspired by Daniil Kharms (visual identity designer, performer and choreographer of stage movement), directed by Aleksandar Ilić;  “ARTAUD FOOL” (designer of promotional materials and lighting effects design), author and directed by Dejan Andrić; “APPLE” (musician), author and directed by Goran Damjanac; played in “THE BROTHERS” (Gabriel), directed by Andrea Paciotto (Italy) and co-produced by LaMaMa etc. NYC – USA, Offucina eclectic arts, Spoleto – Italy, The City Theatre Jazavac, Banja Luka – Bosnia and Herzegovina; ” BIG, STRONG AND HANDSOME” (choreography of stage movement) directed by Goran Damjanac, National Theatre of the Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka; “SMOG, OUT! (video art for the play), directed by Goran Damjanac, the Bosnian National Theatre Zenica; “BIBERČE” (stage choreographer) directed by Živomir Joković (Serbia), Children’s Theatre of the Republic of Srpska, Banjaluka ; “ANIMAL FARMA” (stage choreographer), directed by Alexei Ljeljavski (Belarus), Children’s Theatre of the Republic of Srpska, Banjaluka; “HANIBAL OF THE UNDERGROUND” (making video advertising – promotional video), directed by Goran Damjanac, Cabaret Theatre Tuzla; “STUDENT WINTER PARTY “Jahorina (promotional video); ” TOTH FAMILY ” (design promotional materials – posters and the flyer), directed by Goran Damjanac, Cabaret Theatre Tuzla; designer and visual identity of the dance studio “City Jazz” Banjaluka from 2000. Year; designer monthly repertoire National Theatre of the Republic of Srpska, Banjaluka from 2008; designed courses, web portals (“ “,” “,”ask your doctor”), promotional materials, video, animation, commercials. Former champion of standard and Latin American dance champion and “Showdance”in the solo category. He is one of the founders of Nevid Teatar Banja Luka. In Nevid Teatar, he performs as artist, musician, choreographer and graphic designer.

Sanja Ruseska

Sanja Ruseska was born in 1988 in Kumanovo, Macedonia. She studied at the University of Audiovisual Arts ,,ESRA”, module Acting in Skopje, Macedonia. She has worked until now with the directors Dejan Projkovski, Gjorgji Jolevski, Ljubisha Ristic, Andrea Benaglio. She acted also on the play “Vladimir i Kosara”, a coproduction with Montenegro Bar, directed by Slobodan Milatovik. Despite acting, she is dancing in the dance studio „Ultra” in Kumanovo. As a young actress she is interested in the psychology of each character that she does, she wants to parse and slip deeper into each character, she wants to experiment, to try new things.


Doruntina Basha

Doruntina Basha is a playwright and screenwriter from Prishtina, Kosovo. Her latest play ‘Gishti’ (The Finger) was winner of the regional award for best socially engaged contemporary play in 2011, given by Heartefact Fund (Belgrade) and Qendra Multimedia (Pristina). She has also written plays for children and young people. She has worked in television and several film and theatre festivals in Kosovo.

Gjoko Zdraveski

Gjoko Zdraveski was born in 1985 in Skopje, Macedonia. He graduated at the Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski” in Skopje, on the department of Macedonian Literature and South Slavic Literatures, at the University Ss. Cyril and Methodius. He is author of the book ,,Палиндром со две н“ (poetry, 2010). Some of his poetry has been translated into Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian. He has participated on a several scientific conferences and some of his studies have been published in scientific publications on the field of literature science. In the last four years he took part in the international poetry festival Struga Poetry Evenings. He works as a lecture in Macedonian language at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nish, Serbia. He lives in three cities: Skopje, Nish and Belgrade.

Lili Mihajlović

Lili Mihajlović comes from Slovenia, where she received her BS in physics. Despite her vast interests and engagements; journalism (Katedra, Spekter, Večer), radio-moderator (MARŠ), literary engagement (publishing in Dialogi), years of competitive fencing, she pursued her greatest passion – dance. Lili was a recipient of Nomad Dance Academy scholarship, rewarded a residency at ReRc (Centre Choreographique National de Montpellier) as part of the program WILD CARD, supported by Jardin d’Europe,  and a recipient of the first prize of National competition of young dance creators Slovenia. She recently finished MAztp – master study program in contemporary dance pedagogy, at Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt, Germany where she currently lives and works as a freelancer. Her own work has been supported by Mousonturm teater as a part of their program for emerging artists and by ID Frankfurt. Lili is currently engaged in various projects, such as an upcoming dance-film by Veronika Riz, theater piece with Kurt Baumbecker Kolektiv (Ffm-Berlin) and improvisation tools research with Wet paint collective (Paris).


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